Introducing Islam 101 class for new muslims. Please share with friends and family, click here for more info.
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The Noor Center

At The Noor Center, we learn, share and unite under the light (noor) of Islam. This is a center where everyone is a family.
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4-weeks Little Explorers Program at The Noor Center

📢 Exciting News! Join us for a 4-week Little Explorers Program at Noor Center, specially designed for children aged 3-4 years!  

🗓️ Every Thursday at 6 PM starting 5/23/24
📍 Noor Center (indoor and outdoor spaces)

Our program includes:
Story Time: Stories from the Quran
Arts and Crafts: Creative activities to reinforce story lessons
Playtime: Fun obstacle courses and cooperative games

Weekly Themes:
Week 1: Courage and Faith - Story: The Boy and the King (Ashab Al-Ukhdood)
Week 2: Patience and Perseverance - Story: Prophet Ayyub (Job)
Week 3: Honesty and Trustworthiness - Story: Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)
Week 4: Kindness and Generosity - Story: The Generosity of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)  

Why Join? Fun and educational experience Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills Encourages community connection and teamwork

Enroll now and give your child an enriching experience! Limited spots available! Free but Registration is Required here.📞

For more information, Join our WhatsApp group.

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Tarbiya & Ilm Camps By MAS National

⛺ Tarbiya & Ilm Camps offer a life-changing experience and spiritual, organizational, and leadership training. This year's theme will surround reflections from Surah Luqman. Click here to register and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!!

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InspireCamp is Now Registering Youth Age 11 to 15

Registration is now open for the 10th Annual InspireCamp Youth Summer Camping Trip! Tailored for ages 10 to 18 and infused with Quran and Sunnah teachings, this transformative experience will run from August 11 to 15. Secure your spot by clicking here to register.

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ramadan fundraising
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